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Loobies journal

louise hunterb2b
15 December 1983
im a fun loving kind of gal, what u see is what u get with me.
some people say that i am to nice for my own good, but i dont let people step all over me, i let people know when they have over steped the mark.
i have had a ok child hood, wouldnt say it was the best, but hey i turned out alright so it could not of been that bad, my gran brought me up as my mum doesnt keep well.
i have a big brother which i love to bites even thou he does my head in sometimes, i have a older sister, but lets not talk about her.
i live with my fiancee in a very nice wee house, that we own, dead chuffed, im getting old..lol, me and my fiancee get on like a house in fire hes my rock, my everything, even thou sometimes we drive each other mad...We are getting married next year on halloween!! woohooo!!
i love for rock music, its just amamzing, love to go to gigs when i have got the money, which hasent been for a while, snif, snif.
im in a job that i hate, hopefully wont be there for christmas, as for the past two christmases i have worked, i strongly believe that christmas is a time for familys and not for working.
well thats all i can think of just now.